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Farm-to-Chef Week 2014

Farm-to-Chef Week will be held September 14-20, 2014. Eighty-five restaurants, institutions, healthcare facilities, schools, farms, and wineries throughout the state will create and offer special Farm-to-Chef menus featuring Connecticut Grown ingredients in each dish.

Farm-to-Chef Week was started by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture in 2010 as part of its year-round Farm-to-Chef Program. This special week encourages culinary professionals to use Connecticut Grown ingredients in new ways on their menus while it also helps residents and visitors learn more about the diversity of farm products grown and raised in Connecticut.

The wide array of participating venues offer choices for every taste and budget, from casual take-out to formal multi-course meals, and from wholesome health food to decadent delicacies. Variety is key, with Farm-to-Chef guidelines encouraging creativity in menu development. Participants must offer a minimum of four items, with each featuring one or more Connecticut Grown items. Beyond that, the menu is limited only by the chef’s imagination.

Click “Dining Venues” from the menu above to find details of each participating venue, including menu links.